ZERTIKstudio is a design laboratory founded by architect Amerigo Albanese.
The architectural firm works in one of the most suggestive areas of Puglia: the Itria Valley.
It is specialized in restoration of trulli and farms, and design and construction of exclusive homes, according to the principles of bio-architecture and green building.
Moreover the firm follows of all phases of the construction process.
Trulli, farms, rural buildings in general, are what define the history of the Itria Valley and describe it through its own language.
Keep going with this narrative means keeping alive the culture of the place. The way to stay true to these intentions start from the materials that make real these unique construcitons. These antique materials can interact and coexist with the demands of our time, they can be manipulated and reinterpreted without creating changes in their own nature.
This process for the use of these resources involves the recovery of "archaic" materials and techniques and the use of advanced processes, that are combined respecting thr environmental and behavioral prerogatives.

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