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support individuals who intend
to open their own store
and to companies
 that already have or are intentioned
to create
 a franchising network

Services offered:

  • Make the entrepreneurial idea transferable by using collaborations selected for competence and professionalism;
  • Design and implementation of the points of sale according to the demands of the customer or to the philosophy of the company and to the qualities of the productions, identification of a distinctive, recognizable, and exclusive image in the relationship between point sale and brand;
  • Research of the most suitable solutions and procedures for each realization in order to satisfy the needs of time, mobility and costs.
 Services for future franchisors:
  • Definition and development of the franchise project;
  • Production of brochures illustrating the project;
  • Definition of the franchise page within the company website;
  • Disclosure of the project and stipulation of any conventions;
  • Legal, fiscal, and contractual advice.
Services for already operating franchisors:
  • Creation of a "concept" according to image of the company;
  • Consultation in the choice of locations;
  • Monitoring of the franchisee's activities.

It is possible to start different types of collaborations with different agreements, but are always guaranteed basic services and assistance at every stage of the collaboration.

 Services for franchisees:
  • Image-based design of the single point of sale;
  • Partial or turnkey realization of the point of sale;
  • Visual merchandising and window dressing;
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the points of sale;
  • Technical and bureaucratic consulting;
  • Legal and contractual consulting;
  • Financial advice and agreements with credit institutions;
  • Consulting for the funding using the main laws in force with contributions to grants or financial facilities;
  • Continuous telephone help-desk as operational and managerial support;
  • Advertising communication during the opening, launch of the store, and support for targeted operations.